Monday, May 24, 2010

Maisey Loves Rubber Ducky

Maisey absolutely LOVES rubber ducky.  Anytime anyone is taking a bath, she sits enraptured, watching the duck float.  If you toss it, she catches it - mid-air if possible, and returns to gently drop it in the water.

Mr. Ducky was previously retired as the cats loved him as well, and a few too many times they fell into the tub watching (and batting at) him.  The tub was actually selected in part due to the stadium seating it offers for cats.  (Another popular watching spot is the sink, where cats look down intently at the bobbing ducky.)

Maisey quickly determined that Mr. Ducky was a fave, not only in the tub, but in the shower.  She stares even though the duck is sitting still.  She also loves to throw random toys into the tub while you shower, in hopes you will toss them out.  (This can get soggy with the plush toys!).

No kid has ever enjoyed a rubber duck more than Maisey Mae.

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