Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Fox, and Athena

This fox has been visiting on a daily basis.  I'm not sure if it is male or female, or if it is the same fox that got Gwen the chicken last year.  There is little doubt that this year it got Athena the chicken.  Unfortunately I got there too late - she had been a meal.  I just hope it was over quickly for her.  She was a scrappy, fun chicken who laid lovely olive green eggs.  She was my largest, healthiest bird at 6.4 lbs.  I miss her and was very sad to see she was killed.

The next morning I saw the fox for the first time, hunting the other chickens, and being - it seemed - held in check by Oscar, the 16lb cat.  The chickens can't play unsupervised anymore - at least not for the time being. 

I don't fault any creature for trying to survive, and I actually love having wildlife out back.  Every morning I see the fox a few times - about first light, and again a few hours later.  It hunts along the canal, walking freely pas the goats, cows and horses.  This morning it was pouncing at something and barking a high pitched bark.

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