Sunday, January 10, 2010

Maisey Mae Moves In

As much as I wish Callie was still with us, I can't bring her back.  Recently I heard of a little eight month old border collie that needed a home.  I was willing to meet her, but not sure if it was too soon.....but when I met her, I felt like she would be a positive for me as much as I would be for her.  So, she came home with us, a week ago today.  She hasn't been socialized much so she's very fearful of new people and dogs at first, but she is getting exposed to more and more every day and learning fast.  She gets along with all the other animals, though she wishes Simon and Mollie would play with her more. 

So far, she shows no inclination to nip at or herd the goats, cows or horses.  She even gets along with the chickens so far.....

She didn't know any games, so she learned fetch - and loves that!  She also learned tug of war, and loves that too.  And she has a toy box and an array of chewies.  She's learning the house rules and several commands quickly, going to the office for exposure to elevators and more people, and generally living life in a whole new way for her. 

Maisey brings a huge dose of happy, energy and levity to the house, which is much appreciated.  I am looking forward to doing agility with her and going camping, and hiking, and all the other stuff in life that is just better with a great dog.

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Anonymous said...

No dog will ever replace a lost family member, but sometimes a new, demanding puppy is needed to bring in some fresh air to life. She looks like she's going to be a lot of fun. Hopefully Maisey can be a good influence on Simon. Jaci