Sunday, January 10, 2010

Island Gecko

This is a small, young gecko in the process of regrowing its tail.  This year we went to the Cook Islands for Christmas.  Not much wildlife - this is the only wildlife we saw that we could photograph, since I don't do underwater photography to capture the great fish we saw snorkeling.  Believe it or not, we got a fabulous and very budget trip during low season through Costco.  I love to travel for Christmas, getting away from all the hype and presents and so forth and just coming back when it is over.  I also love the South Pacific at Christmas-time.  It's low season and no one is around.  It's summer - hot and sunny.  This time we went to the island of Rarotonga, which was fabulous!  We stayed at a great place called Sea Change Villas, where we had our own private pool - which I have never had before, and sincerely hope to have again!!!  Not all trips are to see animals.......but I can't help but notice them.  Rarotonga had a lot of wild chickens, several goats, and very few cows and horses.  The island did have several dogs (many of which appear to have been spawned by a basset hound somewhere along the line).  We made a donation to the local humane society to support spay and neuter, and held a kitten at the Saturday market.  All in all, a great vacation.

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