Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jasper the Foster Aussie

Jasper has been with us about a month, after getting bailed out of a high-kill shelter in Paul, Idaho. Australian Shepherd Rescue took him in, and we foster for them as well as IHS. This particular dog is being sponsored by STAAR, Second Time Around Aussie Rescue. If you are interested, you can apply to adopt him on their website,

Most breeds have rescue groups dedicated to saving purebreds of that breed from shelters. If you really want a certain breed, breed rescue is a great way to go instead of a breeder. The world, sadly, does not need more dogs - there are too many now. So rather than make breeding profitable, consider breed rescue or your local shelter if you're considering a new pet.

Jasper is a fun dog for the most part. He is neutered and we helped him get over that and a subsequent infection. We got him eating again - he was skin and bones when he came. He and Simon LOVE to wrestle and they love to play together and often lay butt to butt. He loves rawhide chews, and he is quite smart. Hopefully he will find his forever home soon. If you know anyone in the market for a new dog who can handle having a very smart one, please let them know about Jasper! He knows basic obedience and is not hyper like some herding dogs. He has great energy though and would love a runner or someone who will exercise him regularly!

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