Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alex, the Foster Kitty

I was leaving work on a Sunday evening when I saw movement under a car. I looked again and saw a leg - it was a black cat. It turned out to be a small "tuxedo" kitty underneath a red suburban. He cried at me a lot, then leaped up into the rear wheel - and it was clear extracting him would be an issue, so I called in reinforcements - my husband, with a can of wet food and a cat carrier. It took us awhile to get him out of that wheel - he did not appear feral but he was scared.

I took him home and put him in a room by himself for the night, then took him to the Humane Society to check for a microchip and get his bloodwork done to check for HIV and leukemia. He came up clean and is about a 9 month old male, so he got shots, a chip and a neuter and then came back home to me for foster care until an appropriate home can be found.

He loves to get petted, he purrs, he talks and he kneads. A poster in the parking garage and Craigslist postings did not find his owner, but he clearly had one once. He gets along great with, and shows no fear of, the dogs or the other cats. He is still shy and adapting to the house but he comes out for pets and attention and he calls to me when he is lonely. He doesn't like wet food, but has a healthy appetite for the dry stuff. If you know anyone in the Boise area looking for a cat - keep him in mind!!


snafu918 said...

That cat looks stoned, you haven't been putting him inside any bongs have you?


Esmae said...

Ok, that article is truly repulsive - I feel very sorry for the kitten! Alex has had no exposure to drugs or alcohol in the time he's been with ME!! I agree he looks a bit cross eyed in the photo but in real life he is very normal, I assure you.

snafu918 said...

Ya that guy got arrested and is most likely going to do jail time, and probably not enough jail time sadly.