Friday, February 6, 2009

Abandoned Horses

There has been a problem lately with people abandoning their horses on public land. With the price of hay, some people can't afford to feed them. There are near daily ads on Craigslist trying to give away or sell horses for very little - and at the same time people seeking thousands of dollars per horse, as if there was no market fall in horse prices. Abandoning horses is certainly cruel, as they have no survival skill set at all, having been bred and raised in captivity. Contacting the Idaho Humane Society would be a better option, to arrange to re-home or humanely euthanize horses. For whatever reason, people don't seem to be asking for help. Best Friends animal society in Kanab, UT would also be able to offer help on sanctuaries or other resources available. Farm Sanctuary and many other animal rescue groups would try everything possible to rescue or rehome animals if given a chance. When aid agencies are contacted, while they can't save every animal, they have resources and fundraising abilities. Today's article in the local paper remarks that the horses found had their brands removed - which is truly disgusting and shows that their owners were only concerned about not getting caught, certainly not any welfare of the animals at all. Some local person came across the 15 dead horses and reported them - which is good - but what a sick scene that must have been! If I had enough land I would certainly be willing to accept animals with no questions asked to spare them these fates. It's hard to believe that anyone would undertake owning animals and then discard them, starve them, abandon or abuse them. In the face of all this animal abandonment, people continue to breed their animals, which is also shocking. The last thing we need right now is more to find homes for.

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