Monday, February 9, 2009

The $350 Pack of Gum

I left both dogs home this afternoon intending to be gone for an hour - but I ended up gone for three hours. When I came home, I found what was a nearly new package of gum, with Xylitol in it, had been consumed. I suspect Simon did it, but I couldn't risk that Callie did, so they both had to get treated. Xylitol can be toxic, even fatal.

My vet advised giving 1 T. of 3% hydrogen peroxide, which I did, to induce vomiting. The vomiting was inconclusive as neither dog barfed up gum. So, off to Westvet. Apple morphine induced more vomiting but yielded no results - no solids. It takes 2 hours to digest, so if they ate the gum early in my absence, then it would be too late to throw up. And so, they had some activated charcol. Which, I have to say, was very messy.

Now the deal is to watch them for 24 hours, as their blood sugar could crash. I am to watch for any weakness, lethargy, etc. and if it happens, give them some ligth Karo syrup if they are conscious and get them to Westvet. Also, will check a liver panel Weds. morning. And, we tested blood sugar but results are inconclusive - in the normal range but Callie was 99 and Simon 77. Both dogs seem fine, though they had a stressful evening. If they get through the next 24 hours without symptoms

Xylitol is in a lot of sugarless gums and also cough drops and other food items for humans. DO NOT let pets eat these. The gum was out for 10 days and Simon showed no interest - then all of a sudden, he downed it. Yay.

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