Friday, October 3, 2008

Super Sick Zoo Killing Spree

There's some decent evidence that kids who kill or torture animals move on to killing and torturing humans. Serial killers usually start with animals and work up. So, the world better watch out for the seven year old boy who broke into an Australian zoo and killed several of the animals by bashing them with rocks, and then fed several zoo animals to the resident crocodile. What a way to go - life in captivity and a gruesome death at the hands of a seven year old. Super sick.

Being seven, the kid will not be charged. The crimes were caught on the security cameras, but due to the size of the kid, for whatever reason alarms were not tripped. Certainly it is hard to conceive of how a kid would come up with such a violent idea, let alone carry it out.

To read the story as reported by CNN, click here.

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