Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Local Horse Abuse Case

Yesterday I noticed a local news story on a horse abuse case that has some powerful footage. While I could not figure out how to post the video clip here, you can check it out at: or click to view. You will see a horse that has feet in such appalling condition it makes you want to vomit. Even if you know little about horses and nothing about how their hooves should be trimmed you can see this is a terrible situation. I am so glad that the horses were finally confiscated from this horrific situation. I'm also glad it got some media attention to document their condition, and I was impressed with the calm cops.

Having been along with police in the field in a variety of situations as a former prosecutor, I never cease to be amazed by how most of them are calm and patient in dealing with the worst of humanity. They risk their lives every day and deal with the absolute crap of society, usually getting yelled at and disrespected all day long. I am always pleased to see police taking animal cruelty seriously because many officers do not - society is still coming around on some levels to the fact that animals deserve protection in some ways.

I can't watch Animal Cops anymore. I got through several episodes but it's just too repulsive to see the condition people let their pets get in, the abandonments, the abuse, the dogfighting rings, etc. I can't understand how anyone can treat innocent creatures so badly. For every case on TV there are cases we don't hear about and cases that don't get discovered. It's good to know that locally in a bad situation, someone took the time to report it, the Humane Society took the time to follow up on it, the cops took it seriously, the media paid attention, and in the end the horses got rescued from hell.

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Anonymous said...

There is no excuse for ever letting your pets get into such horrible conditions. If you no longer want to deal with the responsibilites of owning animals (horses are very expensive), then sell them or donate them to any number of animal shelters, santuraries or rehabiliation places. If your horse can't be handled or becomes an "outlaw", a kind death (euthanasia) is far better than letting the poor animal's feet get to the point it can no longer walk, or deny it food and/or water until it dies. The absolute scariest thing about this women, is that she has children too! I hope someone is watching out for those children...