Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pepper Joins the Family

Pepper came as a foster after being on death row and given 24 hours to get into foster care or get put down. For some reason, black cats always get adopted last. Pepper was turned in by her owner, who had "too many animals." About a year old, she is elegant and thin, with very short hair and a very narrow face. Her voice is tiny. I suspect some Siamese in her.

In the month I have had her, I've not gotten one call or inquiry about adopting her. She, meanwhile, was busy worming her way into a permanent position here by ingratiating herself to the dogs, the cats, and of course, me. With four permanent cats already, you wouldn't think we could possibly have an unfilled cat niche, but little Pepper made it clear that we were in fact missing just a little something, just what she had to offer.

I'm not fond of the name Pepper and I was going to pick a better one, but I never found one that stuck and now both her and I are used to Pepper, or Pepperoni, based on her salami shape. I was a sucker and fell for her, increasingly realizing I would only want her to go to a REALLY great home, then finding it impossible to imagine a place she'd be happier than here. She loves it here. Her favorite spot is on top of a shed overlooking the chicken coop - she adores watching the chickens. She has an imaginary friend ("Indy") she plays with, sometimes spinning and lashing around like there is a laser pointer only she can see. She loves wet food. She asks to go out. She comes when called to come in. She loves being picked up and is really laid back. She likes to hang out near me. Lizzie, the queen cat, approves and that was the clincher.

I have truly come to love her - so as much as I do hate becoming a five cat woman (yes, a crazy cat lady I am sure) Pepper just had to stay. She belongs here. While I'm taking a break from fostering for a bit, I'm going out by adopting one of my fosters, something I avoided doing for over 100 fosters (and with some it was tough!). I'm not sorry. Although I wasn't planning on Pepper, she needed a place and she found one that clearly suits her.

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