Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weird Sea Creatures Discovered

In the deep waters near Antarctica scientists have been finding some really cool and never before seen sea creatures. Check out these very bizarre sea worms that look like glass tulips. You can read about the two month study here. This is a great video of a giant sea spider swimming and watch towards the end to check out how many there are and how they pop out from the coral. (Eeew). Read about and see photos of new species of fish discovered. Sadly, the first thing we do when we find a species is kill it so we can study it's DNA and dissect it, which really sucks, but so it goes. Hopefully once discovered it can be studied alive and, even more hopefully, left alone or protected. At least creatures 2,000 meters under the sea have the advantage of not being bothered much by man, unless you count pollution and global warming.

Some deep sea corals were discovered on this expedition, and another expedition to study deep sea corals is getting off the ground too.

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