Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pregnant Tiger Rescued

Recently, a tiger was tranquilized and rescued by wildlife authorities in India after the tiger was chased up a tree by villagers. The villagers chased the tiger and threw stones and burning sticks at her. (What is WRONG with these people!?!) The disgusting part is obviously the way the tiger was treated, pursued, and feared by the local people - clearly they are NOT conservation minded. But the upside is that they had a system in place whereby the right people were contacted, and wildlife authorities were able to take control of the situation (sort of...) and eventually get the tiger to safety in a reserve. Stones and burning sticks did make contact with the tiger, causing "minor wounds." Hopefully, the stress of the ordeal won't cause her to lose the baby. Every tiger is precious in a world with so few remaining.

To see the rather sad footage, click here. At least this story has an upside, and hopefully the tiger is recovering - and will avoid mankind forever, and teach her cub (if it makes it) to do the same.

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