Thursday, September 24, 2015

Second mom and calf

 The next day, when we encountered our second mom and calf, I was getting better at framing photos without really being able to see anything.  The deep blue water shows all blue on the screen and even if I tried to frame, there's so few white spots to try and focus on on the whales, and I'm trying to mainly watch the whales vs. get great photos.  But still, I managed to capture some images I really like.  The first photo is the calf coming up under me to the surface, with mom nearby.  Here are some other shots of the calf:
 I love the bubbles in this one:
 Note the remoras on the underside as the whale dives down.  Here are some nice shots of mom and calf together.
It was such a special experience to be able to swim with these animals.  How amazing that this huge, gorgeous mother is accepting of a bunch of snorkelers hanging out with her and her baby.

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