Sunday, July 6, 2014


We had a lot of wonderful shark sightings on this trip.  Most of them I did NOT get photos of!  I saw several black tip reef sharks, usually towards the deep, where the reef or wall would fall off.  They swam by quickly - too quick for a photo.  I had an AWESOME sighting outside Raja Ampat, near Komodo, of a black tip that was very close to me in shallow water - but of course I didn't even have time to turn the camera on before he was gone.

I also saw a white tip shark - again, very quickly.  Also, an epaulette shark, which was in shallow water and swam RIGHT past my shoulder, very, very quickly.

Ironically, I never saw this shark - but those who could free dive did, so I have a photo of it taken by someone else!!  It's an adult brownbanded bamboo shark that was hiding under some coral.  I was trying to photograph a porcupine fish who went under this coral - when some in our group looked down to find it, they found instead the shark!  

Finally, we saw a very cool wobbegong shark.  Although I did see it, it was at a fairly decent depth along a wall, and only those who dove down got a good look.  All the same, I have a free diver in the family so we have some nice shots of it!!!


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