Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Indian Wolf

I really wanted to see an Indian Wolf, though they are rare and hard to see.  At Velavadar, I got a glimpse in the distance of two of them - but not very close, and no good photos.  I also got to see a wolf den there - it was so neat to see the baby wolf tracks near it and the hooves and other bits of animals that had clearly been played with by the pups.  (Didn't get to see pups tough).  At Little Rann of Kutch however, on an evening game drive, I did get a glimpse of a female Indian Wolf.  My guide, C.B., took the best photo of the very brief sighting.  Our driver, Babu, had forgotten his camera and was distressed to have missed his chance.  Though I had a very brief sighting of this wolf, I was very happy to have had it!!  She was gorgeous.

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