Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bighorn Sheep

Recently we did something we've been meaning to do for years - rafted the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.  We saw deer, and big horn sheep.  Most of the time I didn't have my camera as I was in the paddle raft, but I did get these photos of some big horn sheep at the takeout as they came down to the river for a drink.  If you like rafting and camping at all, the Middle Fork is a fabulous trip through a gorgeous wilderness area, which has been kept largely wild and clean.  It's hard to believe it is a trip taken by 10,000 people per year. 

Although we were hoping to see bear and more wildlife in general, you never know what you will find in the wilderness and we were not disappointed by any aspect of the trip.  We did have fresh bear poop at one of our campsites but the bear was nowhere to be seen.  (Though one of the guides told an excellent bear encounter story!)  We went with Canyons River Company and couldn't have been happier with them.

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