Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Elusive Leopard

Seeing a leopard is always a supreme treat on a safari.  This trip, we saw two leopard cubs.  They were walking a distance away, and I didn't get any photos as I was busy watching them and trying not to lose them. As the cars gathered in the central Serengeti for a glimpse of the cubs, making it harder and harder to see them, we luckily found the mom.  She was laying, then sitting, on a mound under an acacia tree.  Here are two photos of her.  I wish we would have been closer...but we got a great view, and we were the second car there, and soon after an onslaught of vehicles made the viewing less than peaceful.  It is hard to imagine a sight more beautiful than a leopard in the wild.  These gorgeous, athletic and solitary creatures are incredible, and strong enough to haul a kill up a tree in their jaws.

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