Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wise Old Mollie

This is a photo of Mollie on her 16th Thanksgiving.  It is her second with me.  Before that she spent 5 years with my mom, and before that, over a month at the shelter after being abandoned by her family at 9 years old.  She was going crazy at the shelter, though she'd been taken out for walks.  When she realized she was getting in my car to leave, she looked at me as a personal savior.  Whenever I visited her at my mom's, she was thrilled to see me.

When she moved in with me after my mom went to assisted living, she showed no signs of looking back.  She welcomed the chance to lived with other dogs and cats.  She was overweight, and she had a few infections....but those problems were quickly taken care of, and she is now a very healthy weight and moving much better.

She likes to feed the horses with me.  She likes to steal toys from the other dogs even if her teeth are too old to chew them.  She loves to lay looking out the front door and bark at people and dogs who pass by, and the mailman.  She loves to go for rides in the car, go camping, and lie by the fire.  She still has a very high quality of life despite her age and her arthritis (for which she has a daily med).

She is a good dog.  I am glad to give her a good final home, and I will be interested to see how much more time she has.  I hope for her sake the end is in her sleep, dreaming of the treats she still enjoys.

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