Sunday, October 3, 2010

Proboscis Monkeys

Although I did not get any really good photos, I did get to see proboscis monkeys several times in Borneo.  These monkeys have large stomachs as they process poisonous fruits and leaves as ruminants do and they can't tolerate sweet fruits.  The males have very large noses and the females have smaller noses.

These primates were smaller than orangutangs but larger than the other primates we saw there.  For some reason their legs look much more similar to human legs than legs of other primates I've seen.

We were lucky enough to see a few babies, but not lucky enough to get photos.  I've decided this photo is the best one I have of a proboscis.  I always saw them from a boat, they usually moved higher or a bit away when we were near, and as I had to zoom in, there was never a totally still moment to get a great photo.  Ah, but it was nice to see them and watch them anyway!!

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