Sunday, April 25, 2010

Atlantic White Sided Dolphins

Recently during a trip to Boston I was able to catch the New England Aquarium's Whale Watch at the very start of the season.  Though it was a bit cold and windy, the cruise was a good one.  We saw fin, minke and humpback whales, as well as North Atlantic gannets (cool diving birds) and Atlantic white sided dolphins.  Here are a few photos of the dolphins. 

The dolphins were swimming around the boat on all sides, and playing, jumping and swimming very happily.  Though I would have loved to catch a jump on film, I am pleased that at least these photos came out well enough to identify the dolphins and get a decent view of a full side of one under water.  The dolphin viewing was better than the whale viewing in that we saw glimpses of the whales but sustained interactions with the dolphins.  I don't recall seeing this species of dolphin in the wild before and I was glad to have the chance.

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