Monday, February 22, 2010

Got the guts to watch this?

If you haven't seen the "Meet Your Meat" video that PETA produced, you may not have something to compare this to....but this is a very different video that tackles the same subject - the reality behind the meat we eat -  in a different way.  The interviews are with small scale meat producers who clearly care about the animals they raise.  If you are not vegetarian, you may try to find farmers just like these to buy meat from so you're "letting the animal have a good life" before killing it.  If you're not vegan, you may look for local milk and cheese producers with the same thought process.  This film is obviously not as politically charged as those done by PETA, but it does make you think - or it should.  Take a few minutes - see how far you can get into it and whether it changes your views on anything about meat, eggs or dairy.

Partitions from Audrey Kali on Vimeo.

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