Thursday, July 30, 2009

Naked Simon

Last week I took Simon to the groomer - where he has gone at least a dozen times before. I gave the same request I always give, which is for standard grooming and nothing fancy. I took him in because he had recently rolled in fresh cow poop, which left him green and overly fragrant. However, when I went to retrieve him I found (to my shock and horror) that he had been completely SHAVED. Except that his head wasn't - it was trimmed - so his head is overly big for his body. He looks kind of like a spaniel from behind but when he turns his head, eewww. He just looks ridiculous. I don't think he cares too much, and in the big picture he is okay it is just a bad haircut, but it is totally pitiful looking. I am looking forward to it growing back! And that groomer will not be getting my business anymore. The poor kid looks like a large speckled rat!

I have given him several appeasement and apology cheeseburgers and I think he likes the extra attention. I feel bad for taking him to a place and leaving him. I never do that with Callie. She is not going to let a groomer do things to her - Simon is laid back enough not to care. Even so, I bet he was wondering what was happening! Those big brown eyes against a naked Simon make him look small and sad. On the upside, I can see he is in good shape and NOT over eating. (He lost 2 pounds this summer).

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