Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Meet a Snake

We kicked off camping season with the first trip this past weekend - late in the season to start, but with a cold, rainy spring and too much on our to do lists, it was better late than never. I love camping, though I don't know why really. It's work to pack up, work to set up and take down camp, and work to cook food over a fire. But, it's still fun to be away from people and alone with the dogs in a tent. This trip, we went with a friend and her dog as well, and since we usually camp alone, that was a nice twist. We got my very favorite campsite, which was a great way to start the year, and it was as perfect as I remembered it.

On the way home we went on a short hike. On the road we came across a snake; I wasn't sure what kind it was but I took a few photos. It surprised me as it was laying on the sand in the shade and not the sun. It was not there on the way up so it must have come out of the grass along the road while we were hiking or playing in the river. If you recognize it, let me know what kind it is. It did not bother the dogs or us and I did not think it posed any threat.


snafu918 said...

Looks like a garter snake:

Western Terrestrial Garter Snake - With a name like this, it just had to be included here. Usually 18 – 42 inches in length, likes moist places near water, and margins of streams, ponds, lakes, damp meadows, open grassland to forest. Found from sea level to 10,500 ft. Range is from SW Manitoba and S British Columbia southward into Mexico, extreme SW South Dakota and extreme W Oklahoma west to Pacific coast.


They are very docile and non-poisoness

Esmae said...

Cool, thanks for the ID! It does look like the one in the photo on that link.