Friday, January 16, 2009

Science in the Obama Era

One of the reasons I voted for Obama was his promise that he'd consult and rely on scientists in making decisions. Endangered species decisions, conservation policies, and environmental policies need to be determined in light of scientific evidence. So do food and drug decisions, and a host of other issues. One of the reasons I began to hate George Bush was his disgusting disregard for - and attempt to manipulate - scientific reports. Global warming is but one example. I believe science is the best tool we have for navigating many of the problems we face, and I am very hopeful that the Obama administration will make good decisions based on evidence instead of political or - worse - religious beliefs. Religious beliefs are fine on a personal level, even if bizarre, but I certainly do not want them shaping American public policy, and definately not at the expense of scientific evidence! An interesting article on this subject, and the problems we face with the public vs. science, is found here at

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