Monday, June 30, 2008

Sea Eagles on Arthur River

Next up we flew down to Tasmania, an island off the south east coast of Australia's mainland. Tasmania is known for wilderness and wildlife, both of which we were looking for. We started sightseeing in the far northwest of Tasmania, Arthur River, with a river cruise up a wild river.

There were two sea eagle nests at different points in the river. One had been there well over 40 years. The boat threw a frozen fish into the water and one of the birds picked it up, which I managed to get a shot of, though not centered. The sea eagles are large and mate for life. Although birds are not my thing, it was nice to see them fly and to see their huge nests. One of the pairs has a territorial dispute going on with a wedge tailed eagle pair, which I think they will lose to the larger wedge tails.

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Roe said...

Fun filled fact, Bald Eagles are not members of the "True Eagle" genus of Aquila, they are actually a sub-species of the Sea Eagle.

White Bellied Sea Eagle