Thursday, May 22, 2008

Animals in Unexpected Places

Lately I have been *very* stressed and busy. One of the nice things about the animals is they provide comic relief. They have been turning up in unexpected places. I was digging an irrigation ditch and looked up to find Arthur on top of the chicken coop. He likes to climb up there and eat the leaves off the tree branch - you can see the one he has stripped already. He is proud of himself for outsmarting the other goats, you can tell!

Lizzie and Oscar love hiding in kitchen cabinets, and if I take out a drawer, when I go to put it back, there is almost a guarantee a kitty will have taken it over. Here is Lizzie helping me as I am trying to start packing for Australia - taking up a space in one of the dressers.

Oscar got himself into one of the new kitchen cabinets but couldn't get out. When I heard a thumpy sound that didn't go away it turned out to be him asking for assistance, not the washer or dishwasher going off kilter.

I am off to Australia on Saturday and will be blogging again as of June 17th, so stay tuned for animal photos and stories from down under! I have tried to plan a wildlife and outdoor centered
trip so we'll see how it goes!

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