Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bye Until October 4th!

Well, I am admittedly more apprehensive about this trip than others, but I have a strong sense of adventure, a passionate love for Africa and for wildlife, and a real desire to see lemurs in the wild. Certain types cannot survive in captivity and you have to go the Madagascar to see them. Only 10% of Madagascar's forests are left, and they are not all protected. What' s left is left because it's hard to get to.

I will be visiting three very different types of terrain, and sometimes staying in a hotel or bungalow, sometimes camping. I am currently struggling to get my carry on down to the required 11 lbs, and I'd like to make my checked bag lighter too. But what to give up? Not bug spray, sleeping bag, or sunscreen....there's a long list of "must haves."

If all goes well, I'll be back online October 4th with, hopefully, some great photos and stories of adventure.

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