Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stanley Fox

The last week of May we headed over to Stanley, Idaho for a night. Walking behind our hotel we saw this fox. She appeared to be guarding a den, as she stayed in one spot the whole time we passed by. She kept a close eye on our dogs, but they didn't see her, or notice her, being downwind.

We ran into Canadian geese and saw evidence of deer. The dogs played in the river, which was high. It was a short, but pleasant, walk and the dogs got to run around, get wet, race each other and then sleep in a hotel room on their very own bed. Callie of course had to "make" the bed, arranging the covers and pillows just so.

Stanley is about 2 hours from Boise and in the Sawtooth Recreation Area. It can be chilly, but it's a beautiful place to visit. This trip was quick, but if you are interested in going there are hotels, a day spa, campsites, and lots of rafting opportunities, most of which can be found online.

One interesting thing this trip was that there was a helicopter on the road lifting logs. We gave it a wide berth in passing. The helicopter parked behind our hotel, stayed there, and took off in the morning. (That will wake you up!).

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