Saturday, May 12, 2007

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park is supposedly the best place on earth to see birds, with several hundred species present. Not being a big birder, however, I focused on the mammals. We took a river cruise and saw lots of hippo, crocodiles, and cape buffalo. There were in fact throngs of birds, with herons, pelicans, cormorants and many others present in volumes.

We saw the mating of Ugandan Kob. A male is pictured above. The park had elephants as well. It's odd, but a highway runs through this national park. At one point we had to stop for an elephant crossing; very interesting.

We stayed at Jacana Lodge in Queen Elizabeth, which has a gorgeous setting on the lake, good food, and is extremely comfortable. See info about the lodge here. Queen Elizabeth was more or less a stop-over on the way to Bwindi, but it was nice to see the new species of Ugandan Kob and do traditional game driving for a bit.

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