Friday, March 6, 2009

Wolves to Be De-Listed - Again

The Obama Administration put on hold for review Bush Administration decisions to delist wolves in Idaho and Montana but not Wyoming. After review, they have decided to go forward with delisting in Idaho and Montana and also to agree not to delist in Wyoming. Though I hate to see wolves killed, I'm relieved that a review was done in which science rather than prejudice was at the forefront. I had no confidence in anything the Bush Administration did towards species or the environment, especially things it did at the last minute. I don't like Idaho's management plan, but it's a far cry better than Wyoming's. Even Defenders of Wildlife and the main scientist in charge of wolf re-introduction in Yellowstone had said delisting was inevitable at some point, and so as long as there is actual science and someone looking at it who doesn't just hate wolves per se, I guess I can accept it begrudgingly. But, I'll sure buy wolf tags or permits and not hunt, to try and save a few chances for the wolves - and encourage everyone pro-wolf to do the same.

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snafu918 said...

If the science is behind it then so am I, though like I said before I could only ever kill one of these great predators out of self defense.