Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tag, Not Trophy, Wall

Idaho Fish and Game is asking the Legislature to approve hunting tags for killing wolves. Click here for an article in the Statesman covering the story. The proposal places wolf tags at $26.50 for in state residents and $256 for out of state hunters. As I was complaining about this to my boyfriend last night he pointed out that I could buy a tag and save a wolf. So, we started joking about establishing a "trophy wall" of tags, instead of animals, each tag representing an animal NOT killed, but spared.

Not a bad idea. If we can't stop the de-listing, or the hunting, maybe we can at least get as many Idaho citizens as we can who oppose wolf hunting to buy the rights to hunt. All things considered, it's not a bad fallback position, though I am concerned about the number of permits to be issued, and would not want to take actions which encourage more permits to be issued in future years.
Unfortunately, based on what I have seen in the past, most Idaho Legislators are rabidly anti-wolf and will probably support the plan to allow hunting tags - and to make them cheap. In all probability, wolves will be de-listed, lose their protections, and then fall prey to recreational killers who malign, misunderstand, or just don't care about what a wonderful animal the wolf is. Although this makes me sick, the truth is I'm just as sick over bears or mountain lions or elk or any living creature being mowed down by man. What's particularly disturbing about killing wolves, bears and mountain lions though is that the meat goes to waste, and the killing is generally just for "sport," i.e. the glee of killing, which to me is revolting.
It's an issue that literally makes me nauseous, and one I'll be following closely. I hope that the Defenders of Wildlife or other wildlife groups can find a way to tie the plan up in Court and buy the wolves some more time. The State doesn't seem to be considering eco-tourism or other options or alternatives to hunting for revenue. It also doesn't make sense to me that we have spent thousands conserving wolves and then literally turn around and start killing them off - and for $26.50 each! Why not sell each tag for $2,500 if the argument is we need the revenue?
In the meantime, we'll stay tuned and save a little wall space for a "tag wall," just in case.

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Roe said...

I love this idea. I support most hunting (I don't support trapping at all, unless it's cage trapping like those have a heart traps) and I'm very much on the fence as far as wolf hunting is concerned (I have a hard time with the idea of hunting any predator).

This is the best way to make sure that you have a say in how the population is managed. Just by exercising your pocket book you could single handedly save x number of wolves a year.